Monday, 15 April 2013

Sweater Socks

I have definitely been experiencing blog withdrawals in the week since I last posted. Fortunately I have found some time to sew at least! My latest project:

I didn't take many during pictures. My health stuff has been acting up and this bit of sewing was a stretch so pictures weren't at the forefront of my mind. I started with this sweater, mined from my favourite charity thrift store for 2.50$
When I saw it I was immediately reminded of this pin:

I love finding things that remind me of pins! The only thing I love more (as far as pinning goes) is making something I pinned! After cutting the sleeves from the sweater I cut along the highest full stripe so the pattern would be uniform. Then I cut the body of the sweater in half and serged the seams closed so I had two more tubes of fabric. The waist band of the sweater will become the top band of the socks.
I sewed the top tube (from the body) to the bottom tube (the sleeves), round out the toes and brought the seams in until the socks fit snugly to my legs. Mine reach to just above my knees. In retrospect I would have used more of the body to make them higher. Guess I'll just have to make more...bummer ;) Shared on
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