Thursday, 20 June 2013

Go Canada!

Peaceful, pandering independence is the best.

 So, Canada's birthday is coming up and how am I celebrating? With plaid! Red plaid! Red plaid flannel! My kid looks like a tiny lumberjack. Speaking of which allow me to present to you:

  The Tiny Lumberjack

The shirt was made from a plaid flaneel men's buttom down, 5$, and it went like this:

A tutorial over here. Just make it bigger or smaller respectably ;)
The pants were formerly an awesomely stripey shirt. I love these pants! Definitely one of my favourite Wildeman pieces. I wish I had gotten better pictures but I will update later with more. Right now there's a pesky border and a few hundred miles in between us but soon...we will be reunited!
I messed up a bit on these pants (as much as I do love them) so I'm going to be remaking them, mistakelessly (hopefully). Tutorial forthcoming! I will be posting a tutorial for the ridiculously cute bow tie soon!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Summer Solstice Aaaaaaand She's Back!

And beloved readers of other kinds!
I have returned!

Overdramatic yes? I missed you guys so much.

So, I was gone because of health stuff. Health stuff is chronic do it may happen again (scratch that: will) but when I'm here I am here baby, and right now I'm here.
And so I present to you the Wildeman Holiday Challenge 2013:
Summer Solstice: Dino Summer

Wildeman's outfit was made from a men's grey button-down that was resized for tinydom (tiny being a relative term, he weighs 25 lbs at 7 months). His pants are made of the coolest frakin' pink pteradactyl shirt, which became these super cool dropped crotch sweat pants.

Did I mention he's crawling and standing? *insert gush of mommy pride here* may have noticed there's no tutorial. Yeah, about that: I've realized I need to be more realistic about what I can and cannot achieve and tutorials for every outfit definietly fall into the cannot category. I'll still be taking in progress pictures and sharing the whole process but it will be quite a bit less detailed.
Thanks for your support everyone. I hope you stick around despite the changes. Being away from this community has made me realize how much it means to me.
See you soon!