Thursday, 20 June 2013

Go Canada!

Peaceful, pandering independence is the best.

 So, Canada's birthday is coming up and how am I celebrating? With plaid! Red plaid! Red plaid flannel! My kid looks like a tiny lumberjack. Speaking of which allow me to present to you:

  The Tiny Lumberjack

The shirt was made from a plaid flaneel men's buttom down, 5$, and it went like this:

A tutorial over here. Just make it bigger or smaller respectably ;)
The pants were formerly an awesomely stripey shirt. I love these pants! Definitely one of my favourite Wildeman pieces. I wish I had gotten better pictures but I will update later with more. Right now there's a pesky border and a few hundred miles in between us but soon...we will be reunited!
I messed up a bit on these pants (as much as I do love them) so I'm going to be remaking them, mistakelessly (hopefully). Tutorial forthcoming! I will be posting a tutorial for the ridiculously cute bow tie soon!

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