Monday, 8 July 2013

Miley Cyrus, "We Can't Stop" Inspiration

Hello Crafty Craftersons

I think that Miley Cyrus may have won me over this week. I'm not sure why yet but I was equally disturbed and entertained by her latest video "We Can't Stop". Disturbed by the blatant over sexualisation of young girls (I just want to specify here that I am 23, therefore a "young girl" and I have nothing at all against healthy, personal, meaningful, expressions of our sexuality) and generally entertained by the song, art deco style of the video and giant teddy bear backpacks.

But most importantly of course by the fashion:

Miley Cyrus wore this super cute teddy in just a few short cuts from the video but I fell in love with it at first sight. Super comfy, sexy pajamas out of an awesome T? An awesome graphic T?!?

I was in heaven.

I started with this awesome Jimi Hendrix T my mom gave me to refashion. I cut of the sleeves and brought the shoulders in.

The deep V here was actually just one straight cut down but it's jersey so it rolled in on itself. I cut it super low, it is a teddy after all.

Then I cut and sewed the bottom of the shirt to look and act like a pantyline and hemmed it because I couldn't find my fabric scissors at the time so the cuts were a little jagged but since it's t-shrt jersey if you can cut straight lines you don't have to worry about hemming it.

I like tying it with this sash from an old robe that is now on the to-refashion pile.

And in my fantasy world where I like to imagine myself staring in my own music videos I wear it like this:

Oh, and before you go check out this dress I made from vintage 1940s dress pattern!

See you soon!


  1. This is CUTE! did you put snaps on the bottom??

  2. Thanks Sarah! No, I actually cut the collar so low that it just pulls on. Yay for t-shirt jersey!


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