Thursday, 11 July 2013

Pinspiraton: Sunburst Miniskirt

My Pinsiration:

Happy Summer Crafty Ladies and Gentlemen!

I have had my eye on this pin for at least a year now. I fell in love with it right away and knew that it would be so easy to do but couldn't quite bring myself to wear a mini-skirt until I had lost more of the baby weight (which is not something I'm happy about btw. I have to work on that. Miniskirts look great on big girls!) . And now this oh so easy, oh so cute refashion is mine!

I unfortunately don;t have a source for this as the pin clicks to through to a 404 but I pinned it to my very overdue Spring 2012/2013 board. 3 down, 16 to go.

I started with the brightest yellow t-shirt I could find, cut below the graphic and took it in so that it fit me perfectly.

Using one of the sleeves I made a bow and sewed it on to the front.

The I hemmed the top and bottom and...that was pretty much it. So easy and satisfying! And it would look cute in so many colours.

So you guys soon!


  1. This is SO cute! and you make it look too easy to make.

  2. Thanks Sarah! It actually was really easy! You should definitely try it!

  3. It really does look great on you and yes, so easy to make. I love that lil' bow!

    1. Thanks Magda! Can you tell I have a thing for bows?


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