Thursday, 25 July 2013

For Girl's Who Like Baseball

Hello Crafty Ladies and Gentleman.

I found the most incredible fabric for 7$ at a thrift store last week! And while it definitey had to become a little girl's dress for my etsy shop I just couldnt pass up the oppurtunity to make something for myself too!

It's a just a basic circle skirt with a tie closure. I'm wearing a black petticoat underneath it for maximum poofiness. There are great tutorials all over for it but it has one basic principal: Cut a circle.

Just had to share my newest project.

AND: I went thrift store shopping down in the states yesterday (So cheap, America is awesome - even if they still have pennies) and got sooo much fun stuff. Amazing baby boy refashions ahead. It's been a while since Wildeman got something new.


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