Friday, 12 July 2013

The Up Down Pompadour - Hair Tutorial

Hello and Welcome to my first hair tutorial!
A while ago (too long ago) I got a request for hair tutorials from Kay Brady. I loved the idea but was hesitant at first because long chick-mohawks aren't exactly something you see everyday. Then I realized that for most of the hair styles I do the mohawk is not a necessity.
So, let's get started shall we?

In addition to the above you're going to need some hair. The mohawk is not a necessity. I understand they were in short supply when the hair styles were being given out and were only given to a lucky few. I won't hold it against you ;)
Odds are, if you have hair, that you know how to brush it. But I'm gonoing to tell you how I do it because it's my blog and I can. I start at the bottom to get the knots out down their.
That way when I brush the top out I'm not just pushing all the knots to the end. It comes out nice and smooth. If you want extra shininess try absentmindedly brushing your hair while your husband tries to wrestle your baby into the carrier so that he can take photos unobstructed.
Note: Brushing your hair too much can actually strip it of the good stuff. Let those dead cells rest (nice image).
Then you'll want to section off the front part. More if your hair is thin, less if it's thick. See if you can get a nice straigt line, obviously I'm a straight line master. Be warned, we're about to tease the shit out of it.
Now, you're going to want to make this or other silly faces at the mirror, cell phone or rolled up car window your staring into. This is very important.
Seperate a thin top layer of the front section.
Tease it like it's 1979!
Place the teasing comb into your hair a few inches from your scalp. Then slowly pull the brush back. Move out another inch or so, slowly pull back. Reapeat to the end of the section. Then pick up the next section and do the same.
You can stop hear if you want, apply tons of dark make up under your eyes and head out for a night on the town or you can grab your soft bristle brush...
And very lightly smooth out the underside of that ridiculous rat's nest. It's gonna hide all that crap so you want it to look nice.
Now gather all that hair together.
And twist. Twist. Twist. Keep twisting.
And tuck. The bigger the better.
Doing my poof has stretched out my bobby pins but I find the stretched-out-ier thay are the better they fight over my twist.
You're gonna need that rock hard hair spray now. And don't be stingy with it. Your lungs'll be fine.
My version of Rosie the Riveter. My apology to Rosie, other wartime factory and office girls and sufragettes everywhere.
Using a pin similar in colour to your hair pin it back so it doesn't get all up in your face.
Showing off my cheapy PC curling iron. (President's Choice not Politically Correct)
Curl your hair up about half way so it doesn't get to big. If you have super thin hair curling all the way up might be a good idea.
Time for the flexible hold spray for bouncy curls. I love Aussie by the way. It smells awesome. Just spray lightly down here.
And voila! You look gorgeous darling. Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for trying it out (if you did) and have yourself a love, poofy, pompadoury day.


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