Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Rock - A - Baby T-shirt Refashion Tutorial

Hello crafty humans (and readers of other species, no disrepect intended),
I have finally been able to get started on Wildeman's fall/winter wardrobe, which I must make in all 18-24 sizes despite that fact that my little man has not yet had his first birthday.
For my first trick I present to you...
Wildeman in
Rock - A - Baby

I started with this women's medium shirt that I picked up on a trip to Bellingham for 5$
I chose it or these epic epaulettes.
The first step was to cut it into pieces. I based the size and shape on a nearly too small t-shirt. But somehow still made the new shirt too small. I ended up using a handy old trick: side panels.
As always I lined up the shoulders and layed the shirt flat to attach the sleeves. I layed it flat to sew the epaulettes back on with the machine instead of sewing them on by hand, which was my original plan. I like sewing by hand but it hardly seems worth the time put in anymore now that Wildeman is taking fewer and fewer naps.
And voila! Super easy one-nap refashion with a big impact!

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