Sunday, 15 September 2013

Big Voluminous Curls Tutorial

Who says mohawks can't be girly and feminine? I for one was not prepared to give up huge curly hair just becuase I had shaved off most of my hair. So, without futher ado, let's get our curl on!

You're going to need some tools for this one:

Curling iron

Soft bristle brush

Your regular hair brush

Curl pins or bobby pins

At least a few fingers

And some gentle hold hair spray

Step one:

Brush ut your hair so that it's nice and easy to curl.


Step two:

Seperate a lock of hair from the base of your neck, at the very bottom.

You'll want to the rest of your hair our of your business with a hair tie or pin.

Tool time! Heat your curling irons ladies and gentlemen.

You're also going to want to make some hair pins available right about now.

And curl!

I like to curl away from my face, hold the curling iron on for just a few seconds, of course all hair is different, you'll have to get to know how yours responds to heat.

Now, pull out the iron and quick like a cat roll your hair back up in the same direction you just curled it until it's tight against your scalp. Grab that pin we prepared earlier and pin that sucker in nice and tight.

Good stuff.

Now do it again.

And again, and again.

You want to work up from the base of your skull toward your face.

I like to curl the hair at the front straight up, I have a theory that it gives you extra volume right around your face but I've never done proper labratory testing to prove the hypothesis so you're just going to have to trust me.

By now your head shoud look like this.

Naturally adjust for lack of mohawk or colour variation.

It acutally looks kinda cool.

Now, spray those pinned curls with your gentle hold hair spray and wait until they are dry and cool to the touch. Should be just a few minutes.


Release your hair from it's prison!

Don't worry, we have a couple more steps we're not quite done yet.

Now, using the fingers I mentioned earlier pick through your hair very gently to seperate the curls and add even more volume. Don't be raking your claws through there. Treat the curls with love. You've worked hard for them.

Gentle now.

Tool time!

Now very carefully use the soft bristle brush to smooth out the fly aways and give your curls a nice refined look.

What do you think? Not too bad at all, it only took us 20 minutes.

Perhaps if you are anything like the many ladies who have said to me something along the lines of,

"I would love to do that but I could never be brave enough."


"But I could never pull it off like you."

this will inspire you!

Girly mohawks for all the chicks who secretly want a mohawk, but have no idea how to make it fit into their sense of style!

And for everyone else: Whatever hair you want!

Craft on my friends, Mikelina

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