Monday, 9 April 2012

New Hooded Infiniti Scarf

Hello crafty people!

Anybody else have a great long weekend? I got nothing done! It was awesome, almost all my time was spent with my Sweet Talking hubby :)

Anyway, on to the tutorial:

This project is a re-do of a scarf that I made for myself which you can read about here. When my sister saw my scarf she decide she needed one too, but she's not really a hot pink kind of a girl so...beige it is!

My scarf was made with double crochet stitch, and the yarn was a little thicker so even such an open stitch was pretty warm. The beige yarn I used for my sister's scard (Super Saver) was really think so I found a lovely, thick stitch that had never worked with before: Moss Stitch. Moss stitch is really easy, just sc1, dc1 over and over again. It creates a great, thick textured look. Though it was so thick I made this scarf with only a double wrap (mine was triple) as I really didn't want my sister to feel like she was wearing a neck brace.

Step One:

Crochet 2 square for the hood and one long rectangle for the scarf. I'm not going to give you exact measurements as I have found that the best method is to measure it against your head as you work. When I made mine I used measurements that I found online and it came out all wrong. Measure the first chain of the hood from the back of your skull until it's as wide as you want it. Then crochet until it reaches as far forward as you would like (don't want to lose too much periferal vision. Then as you crochet measure from the top of your head down until the piece rests comfortably on your shoulder.

These are the pieces you need:

Step Two:

Using either single crochet or slip stitch (I use sc because I like the way it looks) crochet one short and long side of your hood pieces together so that you can place the hood over your head.

Step Three:

Twist the scarf. That twist gives a little extra bulk, making this and infiniti scarf (like a mobius strip).

Step Four:

Crochet it all together. Make sure that you crochet the scarf to the hood so that your seams are facing inward and are invisible when you are wearing the scarf, and don't forget to maintain that twist!

The final product:
My sister's not one for putting her face online so I have to model this number, but she was thrilled with it!

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