Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Hell yes! Silver Pants!

I'm kind of excited about my super cool, super comfy, perfectly fitting new silver pants. I've been wanting crazy pants for a while not but have been having a hard time finding ones that won't hurt (FMS) and will fit my body right (curvy + petite = trouble). So, no problem. I just made them! I found this stretchy silverness at Fabricana in Richmond for about 20$ for two yards. The pattern I used was the Kwik Sew Misses 3807. I'll be honest though, I was not happy with the pattern. The waist was too high, the sizing WAY too big and generally weird. It took a bunch of alterations to get them to fit right, I acutally almost gave up. But, it all came together in the end.

Silver Stretchy Pants:

"Metallica" Pewter fabric 1.5 yards (for med-small)
Kwik Sew 3807

Step One:
Cut out your pattern. (Use regular scissors for this part)

Step Two:
That thing's been folded up for a while so you'll want to iron it flat so that the shape is perfect.

Step Three:
Fold your fabric in half, right sides in and pin the pattern piece over top. Make sure the fabric is flat and smooth so that the shape isn't warped.

Be warned! Don't ignore pin or needle self pokings. They can lead to inadvertant bleeding and fabric-ruining!

Step Four:
Use FABRIC SHEARS to cut out the fabric. For this pattern the seam allowance is included so cut flush to the paper.

Step Five...

Okay, there are no more pictures. At this point I kinda lost it with this pattern. I followed the pinning directions (which were a little weird) and included turning the pants inside out again and sewing them inside each other. At one point I sewed the ridiculousy high waist shut and had to seam rip it out. Then out of mere curiosity I tried the pants on.

Holy Crap! They were awful. Too big and tent looking (even though my measurements had matched perfectly) Erkel-high and generally terrible. I threw them in a box and gave up for about ten minutes, at which point I was reminded how much I loved that fabric by all the scraps laying around. So, I decided to save the day!

I took the waist down, added a drawstring (I don't love elastic) and took the seams in about an inch and a half. I also doubled, and in some places tripled the seams, just in case. I shortened them for my 25 in inseam (yep) and finally, without daring to hope, tried them on again. And...

Step Six: Flaunting the awesome

Holy Crap!!!
I'm pretty sure I own the coolest pants in the world.

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