Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Pop can tab necklace


I made some silver pants the other day (which I'll post a tutorial for soon) and then realized that I didn't have a lot of silver jewelry to go with it as I rarely wear metal (too heavy). Fortunately that is a problem easily solved with a little craftiness.

Pop Can Tab Necklace

Cardboard or card
brown fabric
10 pop can tabs
Black ribbon

Step One:
Cut out your triangle of cardboard (I used an old cereal box) and wrap it in brown fabric.

Step Two:
I used electrical tape to tape the fabric down. Fast and easy!

Step Three:
Sew the pop can tabs into place. I started at the bottom and worked my way up. A word of caution: I cut my triangle too big for the tabs and ended up having to make it smaller on one side. But don't cut the fabric! The beauty of electrical tape is that you can just peel the fabric back, clip the cardboard and retape.

Step Four:
Tape black ribbon to the back at your desired length and you're done. The whole thing takes about 20-60 minutes, depending on how fast you work.

The finished product:

Make. Make. Make.

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