Friday, 22 August 2014

Boys in Polka Dots: Toddler OOTD & Refashion

How did my little Wildeman get so enormous?
And still such a good model!

That was a dirty lie.
Rounding two and my little man has become a terrible model,
but a really good toddler. 
Daddy helped so much to get these great shots
but get them we did. 

I thought the "Deny Everything" graphic
was perfect for my budding trouble maker
who has somehow learned to open the cutlery drawer
and pull out absolutely everything.
Including the steak knives
which incidentally no longer live in the cutlery drawer.

When I saw this cream and black polka dotted sheet
I knew it was the perfect fabric for some funky harem pants.
And I'm quite proud of myself because these bad boys
have a complete button and fly!

Go me!

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