Friday, 30 March 2012

Duct Tape Sewing Form - What not to do

Hello Crafty People!

For crafters on a budget, like myself, the idea of shelling out hundreds of dollars on a sewing form, especially one that is adjustable, can seem pretty daunting. But it's hard to make well fitting or well-constructed dresses or top without one. Luckily, we're in luck! Turns out you don't need to spend hundreds of dollars, 15$-20$, a couple hours and a helpful helper is all you need.

Like a lot of the stuff I do this whole thing was not my idea, it was hers. You can buy a little instruction booklet from her site. Hubby and I just sort of winged it...which proved a little headstrong as we are going to have to give it another shot.

Here is my form in it's current incarnation:

It works fine for loose fitting refashions, which is most of mine as I have fibromyalgia and loose clothes hurt less, but it's pretty useless for anything fitted, which is probably my fault. Not sure how it happened, I must have been standing funny while hubby was mummifying me because, although the measurements are perfect, the hips are really narrow and the belly is super poochy, which is the opposite of how the measurements work out on my body. I still don't fully understand how that happened since there is no position in which my hip bones contract...anyway, we got some more duct tape and will be giving this project another try in the next few days. Wish us luck!

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