Saturday, 24 March 2012

Amazing weekend craftiness scores!!!
Friday I went down to Farbicana with my lovely sister + SIL. We all found some excitingness but I'm particularly excited about these amazing fabrics that (as soon as my Kwik Sew pattern arrives) are going to become the COOLEST. PANTS. EVER.
Okay, I didn't come up with that name. This series of fabrics is actually called Metallica. This one in particular is called Pewter. I was really eyeing the really bright chrome silvers that looked like liquid metal. It would have been like having the second generation terminator on pants form. Sadly, I didn't quite have the balls to go all out spangly silver. This Pewter is a little more subdued (really, it is). It's my gateway silver.
Black on black:
And my subtle pants. From far away they just look like blck but I loved the subtle circly print (makes me think of Cptn. Jack Sparrow's tattoos). These are way more subtle than I was planning to go.

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