Saturday, 24 March 2012

Crochet Hooded Infiniti Scarf Tutorial

Hello everyone and happy Saturday!

I'm going to start of my weekend by sharing a new project with you. I made one of these a few months back and loved it! I wear it every chance I get. Then, my sister saw it and loved it too. I figured since I was working on a new one I should put a little tutorial up here for you lovely people. This design is not from a pattern at all. I'm just kind of winging it but it's super simple.

I got the idea when I went into a Lululemon. I had never been in one before as I don't like to spend exorbitant amounts of money on stuff that's going to get uber sweaty (unless it's getting sweaty from another kind of work out). They had these beautiful, chunky knit hooded infinity scarves and they were charging nearly 100$ and, well, that's ridiculous.

Project #2 Hooded Infiniti Scarf in Pink

Inspired by: Lululemon

Yarn: Patons in pink (sorry, Sweet Talker, aka my hubby, threw out the label)

Hook size: L

Cost: All in, about 20$

What is it?

It's a pretty basic pattern, Just a hood, and a long scarf that's attached at the front. The scarf wraps around my neck three times to keep me toasty warm. I attatched it with one twist (the thing that makes it "infiniti" so that it's a mobius strip (#nerd)

This is what it looks like when all is said and done:

How to make your own:

The hood:

The hood is just two rectangles crocheted together at the top and back.

Stitch: double crochet

Mesurements: 10" x 15" (but it's way too big

I made the hood first and it turned out way too big but haven't bothered to fix it as I can just pull it back a bit but it has proven a little unnerving when it slumps forward and kills my peripheral vision when I'm crossing the street. I would suggest making it to fit your head specifically. I'm working on a second one now (see my next post for details) and I've been measuring it from the back of my skull to where I want the hood to end. Then just holding it up to my head as I go until it's long enough. Like, I said there's no real pattern here.

The scarf:

Stitch:double crochet

Measurements: 66"x 4"

The scarf is very thin, this is so that it doesn't feel too bulky when I triple wrap it over the hood. It's a little more comfortable that way plus I like that bunched up fabric look. You can't really see it here but I put one twist in the scarf before connecting it to the hood. I quite liked the look of it. A triple wrapped length worked for this project because the double crochet is quiet an open weave but check out my next post to see a hooded infiniti scar with in moss stitch (super thick) that only wraps twice.

Stitch used for this pattern: double crochet

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