Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Make Your Own Journal

Hello everyone, thank you so much for checking out my new blog. My intention with this blog is to share my own little sparks of cretivity, or the things I have learned from other talented DIYers online, obviously with my own touches added.

My main interests, as far as DIY goes are refashioning, upcycling and book making. I also harbour a fascination for corsetry and waist training but as a result of extenuating circumstances it may be a few years before I get to make my own corset and start cinching.

This blog will be full of tutorials with pictures and occasionally videos so that you, too, can get crafty and creative. If you create something based on a tutorial you find here I would love to see your creation and see all the personal touches you added to it.

Although many of these designs will be original I hold no copyrights. Most of my work is inspired by others. I'm not here to make money but to celebrate everyone's individual creativity and style.

For my first tutorial I will direct you to an article I wrote for a website called Hubpages. My name is different over there, I use my pen name (I'm a proffessional writer) which is A. R. Colton, so don't be confused. The pictures you see there are of my own work. I hope you enjoy it!

Project #1: Upcycled Journal

Make Your Own Journal on Hubpages

The tutorial has step by step instructions with pictures on how to bind and decorate your upcycled journal.

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