Thursday, 29 March 2012

Crochet Earrings!

YAY! I have a new computer and I've finally figured out how to use it. When my computer died earlier this week I really thought I would be able to go a little while without it.48 hours was enough to have me nearly pulling my hair out, and lets face it, I don't really have enough hair to be pulling it out. SO, Sweet Talker (hubby) and I got down to the lovely people at Memory Express in Richmond and got ourselves the new Transformer Prime. Aside a from a very curved learning curve as I've been using Microsoft all my life it's working out pretty well. I have been bent shouldered and red eyes for days trying to figure out how the damn thing works so I haven't been very crafty. I thought I would throw up some of my old favourites.

So, without further ado I give you Crocheted Earrings:

Crochet hook
Earrings hooks

How to:

This is a pretty easy and super quick project if you already know single crochet. If you don't I would suggest checking out a couple youtube videos on the subject. That's how I learned.

Step one:

Choose a bangle or ring of your desired size. I know mine is pretty huge. I made a pair of these for my sister and SIL with small rubber rings I found at a craft store.

Step two:

Crochet the magic circle. Sc 2 or 3 depending on how thick your yarn is. Then sc in the first stitch and start crocheting in the round. Continue to crochet in the round until your circle is about the size of the bangle or ring, just a tiny bit smaller.

Step three

Sc over the ring or circle all the way around. While you're doing this the circle may begin to look a little warped but it should even out once you've made your way around.

Step four

Attach the earring hook by the yarn and wear your super cool new earrings!

Thanks for stopping by crafty people!!!

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