Thursday, 7 June 2012

Men's XL to Women's Maternity


I told you I would get a tutorial up here sometime soon and I meant it! I guess I'm over the first trimester fatige (at 4 freakin' months!). I whipped this little beauty up yesterday afternoon and now it's my favourite maternity shirt!!! Read on for the tutorial:



I started out with this super cool XL men's shirt that I found for 3$. In the pic it's awesome is not obvious. But the grey lines have this funky scaly texture to them. Detail pic:

Cool eh?

As I so frequently do I forgot to take detailed pics of every step (but I am making a serious effort to remember).

First I had to cut it down to my size, leaving plenty of room for the growing belly. At first I though I would leave it at that bat it was like wearing a grey-striped sack. So, I added some cute rushing to the side by sewing some elastic from the armpit to the bottom of the t-shirt. Pull the elastic tight and you get this cute wrinkly effect.

It was still pretty shapeless so I added a little rushing below the bustline in hopes that it would draw attention to my bump. The result was underwhelming:

And it made my boobs look small.

So, it was back to the drawing board. I spent a little time online and got my inspiration from this beautiful dress by Lizzie from one of my favourite blogs cotton&curls featured on DIY Maternity:

I loved that collar and knew it was just the thing to fix my sad little maternity top. So, first I cut the shirt down even smaller, taking the fabric from the back so there was still plenty of room to grow up front. Then I cut out the collar and found a GIANT hole I must have made while nlindly attacking the poor thing with my sewing sheers. BUT that's okay! That's what collars are for!

Big hole!

I had to shorten the sleeves considerbaly when I did the first alteration so I used the leftover material from the sleeves to make the collar.

I also brought the rushing below my bust way down so that it wouldn't flatten my already small chest.


I hope you enjoyed. If you do a similar refashion I would love to see it!

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