Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Lace Shorts!

New tutorial for today!

I know that lace shorts have been a thing for a while now but I didn't know about them until I saw a woman wearing them at the doctors office and I was in love! But is there any chance that a maternity option is available for these beauties? Not a shot in hell. But that's okay because I have a sewing machine and a giant box of lace my aunt wanted to get rid of. Score!

You can use this tutorial to make non-maternity shorts really easily as when I make maternity bottoms I just keep the waist below the belly so that I can still wear my creations after the baby is born.

The Shorts

The Tutrial

I made the base of the shorts from a ridiculously soft thrifted t-shirt that I found for $3.50. It looks white here but the shorts are acutally all done in cream. 

Then I drafted a pattern with an old pair of jean shorts. 

And, becuase I'm cool like that, this is where I forgot to continue taking pictures. I sewed the shorts together, made some alterations as my pattern drafting is imperfect and started sewing on the lace in rows. I started at the bottom. This project was very time consuming and not particularly fun so it took months to finally get to the end. What that meant was that I was barely 1.5 months pregnant when I started these beauties and 4 months by the time they were done. So, they were WAY too small. Spreading hips + weight gain meant I needed to do something or not wear my super cool new shorts until I had had the baby AND lost the baby weight. No thank you!

I added a peekaboo panel of lace that I left sheer and voila! Pants.

P.S. They're tied with a drawstring, you know how I hate elastic!

As you can see they  have grown with the belly well!

Happy almost Canada Day everyone!

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