Sunday, 24 June 2012

Rocket Skirt/Top

Happy almost the end of June!

How is everyone liking my new blog?

I have another maternity tutorial for you today! At the thrift store a while back I found a wicked extra-large, extra-tall men's t-shirt that was covered in rocket ships. My non-pregnant self could have worn the thing as a dress it was so huge but prego me fills out the front a little to much. So, I made a new thing! It's a shirt/skirt for pregnant a ladies!

The finished product:

The tutorial:

Originally I wanted to make a dress using the rocket fabric a the skirt and and old black t-shirt as the top. These were my starting materials, I think the shirt was around 7$:

A close up of that wicked pattern. Love how the rockets are breaking up. Makes me think of space invaders.

Then I cut the top but in my haste I cut it too high on one side. Already frustrated at this point I decided to hope for the best and went ahead with it anyway:

...It did not work.

But there was no way I was giving up on that beautiful fabric! So I ditched the top part (I may consider reattatching something in the future, maybe to non-maternitize the skirt?), added a drawstring (not a fan of elastic) added a cute ribbon and VOILA:

Cool thing!

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