Sunday, 24 February 2013

Bow Tie Button Down from Extra Petite

Happy Sunday to Everyone!

Today I am sharing one of the first refashions that I made for someone else. I won't post a tutorial for this one as I made it following this tutorial at Extra Petite.

I started out with shirt that I found at my favourie thrift store. It wasn`t my style at all but I thought the fabric would be a perfect match for my sister`s trendy sophistication.

A close up of the great texture.

My sister is a no pictures on the internet kind of gal so here is the shirt on me, I had to take it in afterwards as my sister is quite a bit smaller than me. She loved it (yay!) and looks fantastic in it.

It is an incredibly satisfying feeling to know that someone is wearing something that I sewed for them.

Be sure to check out the tutorial from Extra Petite above!


  1. I loved the fabric! I too went thrift shopping today! =) The possibilities are endless!

    1. I buy 90% of my "fabric" from thrift stores! I love the thrill of the awesome find, plus you get fabric, buttons, zippers etc for super cheap!

    2. Exactly!!! I actually think I have too many fabrics and too many clothes to refashion but I just can't stop getting some more... arghhh...


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