Monday, 25 February 2013

Pinterest Challenge #1 - Baby Rompers from Adult T-shirts

Hello crafty foxes and foxy crafters!

Welcome to Week #1 of my Pinterest Challenge.
(ps - check back every week to see the rest)

My pinspiration for this week combined three of my favourite things: refashioning, awesome baby stuff and graphic Ts:

Pinned Image

My Version:

Now, to be honest I actually looked at the picture, loved it and made the rompers before clicking through to the awesome tutorial by Feather's Flights that was on the other side of the pin. She used a full pattern, which is great and available at that link above. I used the tried and true refashioner's staple: tracing an existing garment. Just seperate the front and back of the shirt, lay an existing romper over top, trace, cut and sew. Add some butons. Voila! Wildeman can't model these yet as they are 9 month sized, and while he bursts out of 9-month Gerber clothes, most of them are still just a little too big.

Craft on!!!


  1. cute!!!! I am now only making one size bigger clothes for my daughter, they grow so fast!!!

    1. They really do. It will be a never-ending race to keep him in mom-made clothes!

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