Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Exhibitionist - Baby Flannel Shirt with Cotton Panels Tutorial

Hello Everyone!

This is Part 2 of a tutorial for my Project Run and Play Sew-Along. This week was Week 6: Signature Style. Part 1 is over here (the hoodie and pants). The tutorial is after the jump.

My Signature Style:

Wildeman's version:

The Exhibitionist

He was getting grumpy fast, that flannel shirt was warm even with the cotton jersey panels for venting. My little man is a bit of a whiner when it comes to temperature.

Baby Flannel Shirt with Cotton Panels Tutorial

I started out with this piece of shirt that I had left over from this micro-mini refashion.
I reserved the collar so that I didn't have to mae one from scratch. It will definitely have to be downsized.

I ended up not having enough fabric for the entire shirt which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. My baby boy is quite the drama queen when it comes to temperature so I used black cotton scraps from a t-shirt refashion. I still get the flannel look and now he'll acutally wear the shirt without screaming his little head off (kind of).
I free-handed it but I learned a valuable lesson: MEASURE BETTER. I ended up having to add a back panel in so that it would fit the little (see: big) munchkin.

 Pin like so:
Pin the sleeves and front pieces together. Those sleeves are not connected by the way, sorry about that.

And pn everthing together like so. Make sure your seams are all on the same side.

Now it's time to downsize that collar.
Measure around your baby's chins, ad another inch or so for comfor and cut the remainder from the middle of the collar.
I connected sewed the collar together and hid the ugly seam with another strip of fabric. Now attach the collar and button placket to the front of your shirt like so.
I'm still uncertain how this happened but I decided to try and roll with it.
 Hmmm...how unbalanced.
Not certain I pulled it off.

Attempting to embrace the assymetry.
Like I said I ended up needing to add this back panel in the end. Chubby baby.
Yep the pants were assmetrical on purpose :)
The craftiness is strong in this one.

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