Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Pinterst Challenge #2 - Baby Harem Pants

Hello dear readers!

Don't worry I'm not going to make a habit of adressing you as "Dear", it's weird. Anyway...I'm feeling pretty damn good this morning because I am on schedule, which is kind of a big deal for me. I am so damn excited in fact that I'm getting straight down to business:

Week #2 of the Pinterest Challenge

and also

Wildeman Wednesdays #1

Okay, I'm starting a new thing. I know I said schedules make me uncomfortable and yes my palms may be sweating a litttle bit right now but I don't even care. If I'm going to "stare scheduled sewing in the face and laugh at it's puny attempts to scare the crap out of me" may as well go big or go home.
So, Wednesday's have become Wildeman Wednesdays, on which I post a new piece I've made for Wildeman (my baby boy new people). 52 new pieces a year sounds reasonable for a growing boy. I won't be posting full outfits most of the time but there will be a baby boy tutorial/post every week!
For full outfits keep tabs on the Wildeman Holiday Challenge 2013
Clearly I am all about the challenges this year. Speaking of which:
My pinspiration for this week was these ridiculously cool little man harem pants. Not sure why a dropped crotch makes little boy clothes so much cooler but it really does!
Pinned Image

My version:


The pin links through to a store that sells kid's clothes, not a tutorial but you may have noticed, if you've been hanging around, that I generally work without a pattern and for something like this it was pretty easy going.
I got this T at Value Village. The front graphic was pretty cool but I acutally bought it for the back (which you'll see down there).  I lost the price tag but it was 2.99$

 I cut inside all the seams to seperate the front from the sleeves and the back.

I traced around a pair of sweat pants for size but drew my own shape. I also had to shorten the pattern considerable since my baby boy is very short.

Half a pant!

The back! It was perfect! I did the same thing to the back but I gave it a little extra room for that big diaper bum.


I used the collar of the shirt as a wiast band instead of adding elastic.

And we have little man pants!

Also - these are great for cloth diaper babies!



  1. Loved it!
    Just like you I am in for all challenges this year =) I haven't even start my first pin. Im a bit behind but I will definately make it!
    Did you make the sew in tune?

    1. I would love to, and sewvivor if I can. I'm just going to sew my ass off, hoping to join them all! Thx so much for telling me about them!


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