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My Other Pants are a Kilt - Part 3

It's the beginning of the end!
(but in a good way)

 If you have no idea what I'm talking about and you have never seen this picture before you want to be over here, not here.

If you are in the right place then: It's the beginning of the end! Congratulations to making it this far in the project and/or clicking on some links and reading some stuff!

By now I'm sure you're very familiar with this cutie.

My Other Pants are a Kilt Part 3

The Jacket and Sporran

This is part 3 of the tutorial for the Wildeman Holiday Challenge 2013: St. Patrick's day as well as my Sew-vivor audition this season.This formal Irish suit is made up of 6 different pieces. A button-down onesie, vest, jacket, bow tie, kilt and sporran.

No idea what challenge I'm talking about?
No idea what Sew-vivor is?
Haven't seen Part 1?

Caught up now? Good, on we go...

Part 1 -
Kilt and Vest

Part 2 -
Button down onesie

Part 3-
Jacket and sporran (You are here!)

I made the bow tie using this tutorial.

Baby Boy Formal Irish Jacket Tutorial

 Ready? Set? Cut! I cut the pants up into flat pieces. I almost always start refashions this way. I just find it easier to work with and my clothes tend to come out neater and better fitting.

As per usual I free-handed my pattern pieces. The two small rectangles are for the bow tie, and the two identical pieces on the bottom are sleeves.

The collar on this jacket is all that really differentiates it from a Scottish suit. I based it on the long, slim collar of the Irish Brian Boru jacket. I cut these pieces so that I could just iron the lapels back instead of attach them separately which was my original plan as it seemed easier in my head.

I attached the front pieces to the back at the shoulders.

And the sleeves.

The lapels needed to be lined but Wildeman gets warm very easily so I wanted to avoid lining the whole jacket. I attached a lining that just reached to the end of the lapel.

This is embarrassing...I ran out of black thread.  

Check out those beautiful lapels.

Traditionally this jacket has three buttons on the sides and the sleeves but I didn't want them to be irritating my little man when he wore the jacket so I left the sleeve buttons off.
I turned the contrast way down so you could see all the details here but the picture looks all weird now.

And voila!


 Quick Baby Sporran Tutorial

I made his sporran from t-shirt scraps. This really is a very quick sporran, you could but things in it, but my 4 month old doesn't generally carry much. He's lazy like that. 

And then I forgot to take pictures...
I sewed the two pieces above how they're pinned. Then I tucked the pieces with the braids under the flap and sewed around it in a circle, leaving room at the top so Wildeman could put his things in it you know...his wallet and car keys.
And finally it was done!

Happy St. Patty's Day everyone!

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