Thursday, 14 March 2013

Wildeman Wednesday #3

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the number 3!

Okay, I know it says Wednesday up there ^ and it is decidedly not Wednesday. I transfer my pictures from my tablet to my computer via Asus web storage and the site was down yesterday so I couldn't get anything posted.
On that same note, these pictures are awful. I really need to get one of the two cameras sitting on my desk fixed. Anyone know what causes a "lens error"? Both seem to have fallen victim to this strange camera illness within weeks of each other. Perhaps it's contagious?
Speaking of which Wildeman has been super sick (so have dad and mom but we're much better at breathing through our mouths than he is) which has been unpleasant. And the little munchkin's teeth decided that now would be a great time to work their way into the world. Awesome.
So, here is an uncomfortable but still trying to be cooperative little man in

Baby It's Cold Outside

BTW this isn't an attempt to be artsy (although my kid's pretty cute in black and white). The tablet was messing with the colour and Wildeman ended up looking purple in almost every shot. The warm uh...coveralls? Sleeper? Anyway, it's grey. You can see the colour in the tutorial. Just keep on scrolling.

And it went like this:
Hubby had this sweater he had been wearing since high school. I hated the sweater on him then as much as I do now it just took him a few years to realize I was right. It was cut to short and wide and made his lean body look boxy and strangely shaped. Finally a couple days ago he asked me if I could do anything with it, trying so hard to sound like he had just come up with the idea himself.
And Wildeman had a sweater!
Spring is almost here and in my neck of the woods "April showers" are more like All the time showers so it will most likely be damp and chilly into July or August. That is, if we don't have another summer like last year (so unpleasant being pregnant in that kind of heat and humidity). And Wildeman, while he is only 4 months, fits pretty well in anything from 6-12 months. None of his warm sleepers fit in his super chubby, super short little body.
We can fix that; we have the technology.
And also the buttons.


Hubby's old shirt.

As usual I cut it up into flat pieces first and then I cut out my pattern pieces. I made this pretty big on Wildeman since he seems to be growing rather like a weed.

 Attach the front pieces to the back at the shoulder. Then lay it out flat, wrong side up, to attach the sleeves.
 I serged all around the mitten flaps to avoid fraying.

These pictures are a little hard to follow but you place the flap on one side of the sleeve and sew three edges leaving it open at the bottom (where the arm is).


But with the flap down, I lifted it so you could see it was there at all - seriously have to get my cameras fixed.


Fold the garment down, right sides in and pin matching up at the cuffs and the arm pits to make sure it's even. Serge!

Now we attach the tops of the feet. (I waited to the end to attach the soles)

Now the hood. Pin the two identical hood pieces together. I did them wrong sides in as I was hoping for some textural contrast but it ended up being very subtle. Just looks grey.

I serged the front as well so it wouldn't frame then folded it back and sewed it with a zig-zag stitch so that the front looked clean.

I pinned the hood, right sides together to the collar. It overlapped slightly which gave my baby boy a bit of a barrier to keep his face warm.

Observe the overlap.

How do you take an attractive picture of a hood with no head in it?

Almost done!
Got to finish those feet remember?

I sewed the leg up to the bottom of the zipper. I couldn't find one as long as I had hoped and ended up sewing down more of the button placket than I would have liked.

I pinned the soles to the bottom of the feet, right side in because it seemed nice for his feet to be on the inside of the fabric.

My attempt at showing you the faux button placket but I was foiled by my tablet's inability to pick up details.

 So, I finished the whole lovely thing then added a faux placket to cover up the zipper. The sewn on buttons run from his left foot up to the collar and about 2/3 of the way around the hood. I rather like the effect. I think it'll be adorable when he actually fits into it!


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