Thursday, 14 March 2013

Pinterest Challenge #3 Cross Back Tank

Yay! I'm still on track with the Pinterest Challenge!

Confusion can be cured by clicking that link up there ^

Boring tank tops can be cured by doing this:

My Pinspiration:

Rowan Criss Cross T-shirt Crochet Project

I bought this tank at my favourite thrift store with the original intention of doing nothing to it. I get so excited about details and prints that I own very few basics. It turns out I can`t really handle basic.

I folded the back and cut out a keyhole. Mine is much smaller than the image above. A lower back may be in the future, along side a backless bra. Or as a swimsuit cover up! Sorry just had the thought now, that would be cute... anyway back to the top.

I pinned it to an old cereal box to keep it stable.

The pin leads to a crochet "pattern" but really the pattern just says follow the picture so I used a needle and a thin yarn and knotted the yarn every time I looped around. I went back over each strand twice to double up the yarn and left 2 cm between each strand to define them.

I didn't like seeing the knotty yarn all around the keyhole so I tied the yarn back and sewed lace around criss-crossing to frame it.
And voila! Cuter tank, but still mostly basic.

Thrifted skirt that's really a dress I folded over. The hat and belt were shopped from my sister's closet.

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Craft on!


  1. Lovely! I really like the look you've put together. Congratulations on being on track. So far I have only blogged about one of the items I chose to make. I have finished a second one and I'm half way with the third... should go and take care of that now. <3

    1. Definitelt should take care of it! It feels good to be on track. Thx Magda!


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