Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Rock n' Roll Fever - Spring Fever Remix

Good morning Starshine, the Earth says hello.

Quoting bad's a bit of a hobby.

So Project Run and Play is having a quiet period of inbetweeness as they're gearing up for the all stars season which means yay for us because it's pattern remix time! I was completely stumped looking at this pattern as my baby is not so much a girl and I was having a hell of a time trying to figure out how to make this pattern look in anyway masculine and still make use of the great details:

That being said I had already fallen in love with that bib detail and there was no way I was letting it slip past me. And so I thought and thought and thought and I'm not sure what inspired me. I am really into fashion as art and costume design and in my own wardrobe I like to take risks and include a lot of pieces that most people wouldn't consider wearable like lime green and silver zebra-striped pants or hats made entirely of sequins.
Up until now I've been pretty safe with Wildeman's wardrobe. I have to stop that business or I'm at risk of stagnating. Once I had the conventions of baby clothing and boy clothing out of my head the creative block fell away and I had it! And that is why I love prompts especially ones that seem tailor made to trip me up.
Introducing Wildeman in

Rock n' Roll Fever

I down-sized the bodice considerably to fit my 4 month-old, added sleeves, and elongated it to become a romper. I interpreted the bib back as epaulettes, which are by far my favourite aspect of the outfit, Then I added an accent zipper in purple.



 Wildeman was so done with the photo shoot until mom brought out her magic weapon...

Murphy the Monkey! 

Much better!

Check out those epaulettes.


And it went like this...


It was around here that I realized that the wrong side of the fabric had a funky distressed look and a great gey colour instead of the solid black and white. Leaving the epaulettes right-side-up allow them to stand out even more.

I think he likes it!
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  1. oh my gosh!!! Loved it! Congratulations and let me tell you: he is getting cuter and cuter!

    1. So glad I'm not the only one who thinks so!

  2. Wow, could you get a more perfect model? I think not. He is so adorable! I love stripes on baby clothing. I'm glad to see some rock 'n roll edge thrown into the mix.

    1. Thanks Tess, he is pretty gorgeous isn't he? I am all about edgy baby clothes. I figure, my baby is already super cute, there's no need to cover him in bunnies and teddy bears and other cutesy things. Too much cute all in one place.

  3. You've made a nice work!!!
    And the model is the cutest I've seen :)
    MammaNene from

  4. So cute! I love the epaulettes. It's so unexpected to see them on a baby, but SO COOL. And, can I just say, I want to pinch his cheeks? Oh my goodness they are so sweet.

  5. So cool!! Wow, I can't believe that all came out of a tee. Amazing refashion!! Thanks for linking up to Refashion Friday!

    1. Thx Kaitlin! It's definitely one of my favourites so far!

  6. OMG adorable! Thank you for contributing to Refashion First Friday!

    & Refashion Co-Op Editors

    1. No problem Lauren. Thanks for having Refashion First Friday!


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