Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Pinterest Challenge # 4 Baby Play Mat

4 down, 2 to go and feeling fine!

You know what the thing about babies is? They get bigger, and smarter and cuter and...harder to entertain. I mean it's all good since that means they're developing those big human brains and all which are, you know, kinda important, kinda.

Seriously though Wildeman has been so active and so interested in the world and I needed to find some way to let him explore his sensory organs and discover the world around him. Obviously there a ton of things that fit that description on the market but most of them feel to me like I'm plopping my kid down into Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Plus my apartment is tiny (which we love, and don't intend to change) so everything we owns needs to fold up and live in a drawer. And since I'm prone to migraines toys that make sounds are a strictly control commodity.

So, in the interest of meeting all these requirements I hit up Google for some inspiration. When Google failed me I fell back on Old Faithful: Pinterest.

My Pinspiration:

My version:
Total cost: About 7$

Obviously it's very different from my pinspiration. Those blue tones fit much better into our decor, it's all patchy and shabby looking (it perfectly matches his nursery - to be posted in the future), it's has grips to practise grabbing, contrasts for his little eyes and it kinda ugly - which I kinda love!
Now...I took pictures of every step of this process...and they are trapped inside my dead camera. Hopefully some kind of resurrection will occur in the near future and I'll be able to upload the full tutorial. *deep sigh*

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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