Tuesday, 12 March 2013

There Is No Success Quite Like Failure

Hey folks,

I'm being brave today. I know that I was scheduled to post my Spring Romper on the the 11th. I had finished and everything. It was finished and sitting on the table next to my sewing machine looking sad. It's the first complete bomb I've had in a while. But, it turns out, that's a good thing. I learned things from this failure that turn it into a success. A success as a growing seamstress, but certainly not a Wildeman Holiday Challenge success.

So, I present to you my failed attempt at a gender-bending ,unisex, spring-coloured romper...


Certainly not the last time I'm going to get that look.

The details:

My romper was inspired by this one. As usual I tried to draft my own pattern. In this case though it went very wrong. I've stopped eyeballing and free styling and am measuring blocks and the whole nine yards but I clearly haven't mastered it yet.

The romper was made from a men's shirt that I found at the thrift. Luckily, the shirt cost me 2.50$. I fell madly in love with these buttons and couldn't pass up the opportunity to use them as quickly as possible. I'll definitely be salvaging them and using them on something new for Wildeman. I found them at the thrift as well. A whopping 1.20$ for 6 of them.

Now the important part:

What do I like about it?

  • I still love the concept of a gender-bending, somewhat retro romper. The inspiration for this romper (link above) totally nailed it.
  • The button placket as shoulder straps is definitely a do-over.
  • As is the pocket detail on the chest.

What did I learn?

  • The buttons and straps are uneven and my button holes are messy and distracting - I need to slow way the hell down.
  • The bodice ended up being really assymetrical, the pattern was cut on the fold so that must have been my sewing - pay attention to consistent seam allowances
  • The pattern didn't have enough fabric to cover Wildeman's diaper - measure more precisely or base measurements on existing clothing; there are no superfluous measurements.
  • Gathering something makes it girly.
I'm going to be attempting this romper again for spring/summer. So far I'm planning to used a material with a little but of stretch, but not to much and a little but more weight. I'm thinking something similar to corduroy. I plan to use a button placket and pocket detail as well but I'll be widening the flap that goes over his diaper, measuring more precisely, taking more time with the details and leaving out that back ruffle.

Any other suggestions? I would definitely welcome some constructive feedback!

Thanks everyone. Wish me luck for the next one.


  1. In being creative, it is so important to know that 'failure' is an integral part. Good on you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Zom, I agree. I have simply learned one more way not to do things!


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