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My Other Pants are a Kilt - Part 2

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Introducing Wildeman in:

My Other Pants are a Kilt Part 2

The Button Down Onesie

This is part 2 of the tutorial for the Wildeman Holiday Challenge 2013: St. Patrick's Day as well as my Sew-vivor audition this season.This formal Irish suit is made up of 6 different pieces. A button-down onesie, vest, jacket, bow tie, kilt and sporran.

No idea what challenge I'm talking about?
No idea what Sew-vivor is?
Haven't seen Part 1?

Caught up now? Good, on we go...

Part 1 -
Kilt and Vest

Part 2 -
Button down onesie (You are here!)

Part 3-
Jacket and sporran

I made the bow tie using this tutorial.

Baby Boy Button Down Onesie Tutorial


As usual the first step is to cut the whole shirt apart at the seams and iron all your pieces. You want to keep the collar and the placket in tact to put back on the shirt later on. I took pictures of all these steps but it took me until I started sewing to realise that they weren't going to show up on my white background...I'm just going to call it baby brain and move on.

These were my pattern pieces. I free-handed and based the size on a onesie that's just a little too big. Don't forget to add a seam allowance and cut identical pieces at the same time, just cut through two layers of fabric.

Epaulets (shoulder pieces)
 Remember our intact collar? Time to minimise it.
Start by very carefully seam ripping it apart. Then remove the length and width until it's the right size for your baby.

There may or may not be a little plastic thingy in the corner of the collar holding a stiff point. If there is you'll need to cut it away before you sew the collar back together.

Okay....not certain why these are vertical. My files are all horizontal, then they uploaded vertical. If anyone can tell me what the deal is and how to fix it that would be awesome.

One side at a time you want to put it back together again like so:


Now pin everything together. You'll most likely have to shorten the buttons so make sure they still match up and close.

Pin and sew at the sholders.

Attach the sleeves.

Hem the cuffs.

Fold the onesie down.
Sew it right sides together. Match it up (and pin) at the cuff and armpit to make sure it comes out even.

Insert adorable baby. Swoon.

Check out Part 3 for the jacket and sporran.



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