Friday, 18 January 2013

Waterproof Changing Pad Cover

You know what's a weird word? Pillowcase. Pillows don't go in a case. Why not bag or sack or cover. Or even pillowcasing. But case? Am I missing some period in the English language when a case was a bag?

Any way, this tutorial is for a changing pad COVER...not case. And on with the show!

When hubby and I bought our changing pad before Wildeman was born we thought we were getting one that was waterproof (seemed reasonable) but that was very much not the case (hehe, not the's beginning to make sense). Then we, being new parents, were all like, "Meh, who needs a waterproof cover, we'll be diaper ninjas's in no time!" It turns out the diaper is the ninja, evading explosive poos with wicked agility. Several dry cleaner bills later I finally got around to making a waterproof cover for the thing. I used PUL, polyurethane laminate, the same stuff they use for diaper covers. It was originally a fabric made for use in hospitals but now you can buy it in tons of baby-friendly patterns and colours. We were gifted with a few yards of it while I was pregnant, and I bought some in brown. The brown will eventually be a waterproof mattress cover for Wildeman when he starts sleeping in his own bed (I know the mattress isn't ninja).

Okay, seriously with the show now...

I laid the pad over my PUL, wrong side up, and cut around it leaving a generous seam allowance. Leave a few inches on one of the short sides to fold over, see the picture below. I left 7 inches on a 27 inch long pad, there's no rule here.

You will also need a second piece of fabric that will slightly overlap the fold. Mine was 21 inch which made for very little overlap. In hindsight I would have made it 22- or 23 but it still works.

I hemmed the overlapping ends first as they will be visible on the finished product.

Then I turned the fabric inside out and pinned everything into place. It's important to note that any pin or stitch you put in PUL is a hole that's not going to be waterproof. This less of a problem with a changing pad cover than it would be for a diaper cover but I still used as few pins as possible.

All sewed up.
Turn it right side out and insert your changing pad. Here's hoping it fits!


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