Sunday, 13 January 2013

Reshaping Men's T to Women's

Hello Crafty Folks,

I have a really simple t-shirt reshaping for you today. This is a good tutorial for beginning refashioners who are feeling nervous about taking scissors to their clothes. I started out with a large men's t-shirt with a great graphic design (I have a thing for graphic Ts...and skulls...and colours...I LOVE THIS SHIRT).

I turned the shirt inside out and put it back on. The first thing I did was bring the shoulders in so that I would be pinning the sleeve at an appropriate length.  Then I pinched both sides of the fabric and placed the pin close to my body. I placed the pins only along one side of the shirt so that I could still get it off without being poked all over the place by my pins. Generally I make my shirts quite fitted so I decided to make a looser fitting one this time.

I laid the shirt flat and matched the pins up on both sides. Then I marked out where I would cut to narrow the shoulders.

Now for that nerve-racking first cut!

Remove the excess, narrow the sleeve to your pinned measurements and reattach the sleeve.

 I decided to cut and pin the sides as well and do all the seams in one go.

Sew the sleeves to the armholes, you will most likely have to bring the armholes in which you can do by continuing the side seam up. Then hem the sleeves by turning the raw edge under, pressing and sewing. Then try it on to make sure it fits.
Even a little bit of shaping can make a big difference!


Craft on!


  1. Just what I needed...a basic reshape. I never thought of redoing the shoulders. Thanks!


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