Monday, 21 January 2013

Peace! - and other clever blog post titles...

Hello everyone!

How about another maternity refashion? I'm not pregnant anymore but I still have a few refashions that have gone woefully unshared for far too long. This refashion ended up being my favourite top while I was pregnant and every time I wore it I got a complement, so awesome near the end when I was all waddly and bloated!

To start out you'll want to find yourself an L - XL T, mine had a cool graphic (because, you know, it's me) but a patterned something would work well for this too. This is a great way to fill up your maternity wardrobe without spending 30$ for a t-shirt.

Would have been awesome for twins!

I totally broke my 5.99 and under rule here but it was so worth it!
 Cut the shirt open at the seams. You'll want to shape the front sort of like and A-line skirt, so that the shirt fits well over your bust but take as little as possible away while still getting a cute, feminine shape. You'll need all that fabric for the expanding belly. Take most of the fabric from the back of the shirt. And narrow the sleeves.

Pin and sew! I usually baste (long stitches that can be pulled out) a seam with generous leeway, then try the shirt on. You can always make it smaller, it's a lot harder to make it bigger.  


I am currently resisting the urge to take this in so I can wear it now but it just make such a cool maternity shirt!

At dawn - WE SEW!

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