Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Mixologist - Boys' Week

Let's get down to business -

I just discovered Project Run and Play this week and I can't believe the level of awesome I have been missing out on. I immediately jumped on the chance to feed to birds with one seed (I'm not into killing birds, regardless of how many stones are employed in the process). Hubby, Wildeman and I were recently invited to Uncle Jukeboxs 20`s themed birthday party and everyone must be in costume. Everyone. So, without further ado I bring you Wildeman as...

The Mixologist

I have never been one to be afraid of mixing prints, in fact I am quite fond of it, so when I read that patterned bow ties were all the rage in the 1920`s I immediately knew that the brown and white polka dot necktie I thrifted when I was still pregnant had a destiny. Wildeman`s whole outfit started with that adorable little bow tie. Which, credit where credit is due, i found a tutorial for over here.

 (I apologize in advance for the quality of the tutorial pictures - my camera lens won`t open, no idea why, and all these pictures were taken on my tablet).

Wildeman`s shirt started out as this 3$ dress I picked up at a thrift store for the purple plaid.

As well as a RTW onesie that was covered in formula stains that required a healthy serving of refashioning to remain wearable. 

Combine! Refashion powers activate! Form of: purple plaid bib onesie!

+ bow tie (For the tutorial for the bow tie you must go back the way you came ^^^).

That grey business under there was a sweater that I made way to small for my baby`s big belly. 

 And the boy needs pants!

I found this sucker, and it`s print, hidden among some other equally wacky shirts. I had to stay my hand from buying out the entire crazy print section of men`s button downs.

Okay, tutorial time. Take another pair of baby pants, fold them in half and cut out four pieces, all exactly the same. A helpful hint that I learned the unpleasant way: make sure the pants you`re drafting from have the same amount of stretch as the fabric you`re drafting onto. Otherwise you`re baby may have pants that don`t fit past his thighs. 

Sew them up like so. I serged as this material was not a knit, and it was already fraying pretty badly. Pin the long side and the bottom for legs.

Once the legs are sewed up turn one inside out and put it inside the other, right sides together. 

Then sew the curved seam in one continuous line. Turn the pants right side out.

I added elastic to the waist band, and you`ll probably want to hem the bottom, unless your working with a knit (like and old t-shirt) in which case elasticify the waist band and you, my friend, have made yourself (your baby) some pants!

I`m going to savour every moment that he smiles in something I made him instead of letting it disappear under a pile of clothes that smell like pubescent body odour.

Happy sewing!


  1. This is so cute! I pined it! I think I will give this one a try for my friend who is having a new baby boy... love it.

    1. Thanks Kasey, and congratulations to your friend. I would love to see your version!

  2. Oh I just want to squeeze that baby!! He is adorable!! The outfit is cute but he totally steals the show. :)

    1. Aw, thank you Upstatemamma :-) I'm going to have to agree with you on that one <3


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