Friday, 11 January 2013

Simple Refashion: XL Men's T-shirt to Cinched Tunic

Man it feels good to be doing this again!

I loved this idea I found on Pinterest a while ago but hadn't come across the right shirt until my last thrift store visit. The Value Village near my house is a goldmine of large men's graphic T's, and I fortuitously have an obsession with graphic T's. When I found this one I knew I had to have it and immediately knew what to do with it.

I love a cheeky graphic.

I generally try not to spend more than 5.99 on refashioning pieces.

And the one and only step involved?
Measure an elastic band around your waist and add one inch. Then sew the elastic band into the the shirt at the desired length (stretch it to fit across the t-shirt). Trim your thread and wear your new tunic!

Make sure you pin in a straight line!
Hold the elastic tightly so that it stretches across the shirt as you sew.

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