Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Women's Button Down to Baby's Button Down

Hello everyone,

It's time for some baby refashions! I have made a ton of clothes for Wildeman and I intend to share them all for you. There really aren't enough cool, commercially available baby clothes in the world. My kid is already cute, covering him in bunnies and teddy bears seems like overkill. It's a damn good thing I can sew or he would be naked all the time!

On with the tutorial:

I found this shirt at the tiny church-owned thrift store down the street from my house. It's always those little thrift stores that seem to have the best finds if you put in the time to look.

Step one was to take the shirt apart while retaining the collar to miniaturize later on. I used a onesie that was too big for the Wildeman to get the right shape and size for the body of the shirt.

I aligned the buttons and hemmed the bottoms of the front and back pieces.

For she sleeves I used a pattern that I had found here (I've made a few of those as well, future post!) I didn't have enough left over to do the sleeves in one piece. I sewed two pieces together before cutting out the pattern.

Then I pinned all four pieces together like so:

I shortened the collar:

And added it to the top of the shirt.

And voila!

In retrospect I should have made it a onesie. It always rides up his big belly. Ah well, next time!

I know I'm biased and all but, holy crap that's cute!

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  1. Found this through the refashion co-op, and pinned it in Pinterest! Very clever, I can't believe i never thought of it xD Congrats on the sweet tiny baby :)


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